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Vietnam Sand Gold Jewelry

Vietnam Sand Gold Jewelry

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Material: Vietnam Sand Gold Jewelry

Vietnam Sand Gold Jewelry Dreamy Discoloration with Temperature Pixiu Pendant Fashion Beads Necklace Women Men Amulet Pendant

1. Store the jewelry separately and mix it with other accessories or hard objects to avoid grinding the surface layer;ξ

ξ2. Avoid contact with sweat for a long time, thus corroding the surface;ξ

ξ3. Please remove the product when bathing or washing, avoid direct contact with acid and alkali substances;ξ

ξ4. Use clean water, detergent, soft brush to restore the zircon brightness (grinding, scratching will not be able to recover);ξ

ξ5. When collecting, please use cotton cloth or facial tissue to remove the surface sweat and dirt and then store it in the sealed bag

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