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Temperament Cold Wind Piercing Ear Acupuncture Ring

Temperament Cold Wind Piercing Ear Acupuncture Ring

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Product information:

Material: Copper
Style: Fashion OL
Style: Women's
Modeling: Moon Branch
Treatment process: electroplating
Packing: bulk, individually packed

colour ¥__

A:947 Five zircons gold-plated,
B:948 bachelor, real gold plated,
C: 949 cross section, real gold plated,
D:951 Triangular Moon Model, Real Gold Plated,
E: 960 branches, real gold plated
F:961 One horse eye, real gold plated
G: 962 full zircon and real gold plated,
H: 963 pearl type, real gold plated,
I: 964 Lightning white, real gold plated,
G: 965 round moon model, real gold plated,
K:967 Three round zircons, real gold plated,
L: 968 square model, real gold plated,
M: 964 Lightning color, real gold plated,
N: Contact customer service in large quantities,
O:978 six round zircons golden,
P:960 branch white,
Q: 979 a round zircon gold,
R: 980 sugar cube gold,
S: 981 square diamond cross section gold,
T:947 five zircons silver,
U:948 light version silver,
V:949 cross section silver
White: 964 Lightning white silver,
X:967 Three round zircons silver,
Y: 962 full zircon silver,
Z:978 six round zircons silver,
1style: 963 pearl silver,
2style: 965 round moon silver,
3style: 981 square diamond cross section silver
4style: 994 twisted rod pearl gold,
5style: 996 eight-pointed star golden,
6style: 980 sugar cubes silver,
7style: 995 hollow large round silver,
8style: 995 hollow large round gold,
9style: 983 bow gold,
10style:984 five-petal flower golden,
11style:985 a big diamond gold
12style:,986 two starfish golden,
13style:987 two butterflies golden,
14style:988 snowflake golden,
15style:989 a horse golden,
16style: 990 smiley gold,
17style: 991 palm gold,
18style: twist light

Packingξlist :

Ear Acupuncture*1


CJZBLXLX17219-4pcs-B Set=CJZBLXLX17219-J-J+CJZBLXLX17219-D-D+CJZBLXLX17219-S-S+CJZBLXLX17219-8style-8style

CJZBLXLX17219-4pcs-C Set=CJZBLXLX17219-15style-15style+CJZBLXLX17219-13style-13style+

CJZBLXLX17219-4pcs-D Set=CJZBLXLX17219-4style-4style+CJZBLXLX17219-8style-8style+CJZBLXLX17219-O-O+CJZBLXLX17219-E-E


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