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Digital titanium steel ring

Digital titanium steel ring

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ξUS 5ξ ξ6 ξ7 8ξ 9ξ 10ξ 11ξ 12ξ ξ13
Œædiameter¥_šmm¥_Š Œæ15.7 Œæ16.5 Œæ17.4 Œæ18.2 Œæ19 Œæ19.9 Œæ20.7 Œæ21.5 Œæ22.3
ξperimeter(mm) ξ49 ξ52 ξ55 ξ57 ξ59.8 ξ62.4 ξ65 ξ67.5 ξ70

Material: titanium steel_MG_9782










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